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About Us

Original recipe

refined Vodka

Caribbean Born. American Made.

In a sun-drenched suburb or New Port Richey, Florida, there’s a small-batch distillery making award-winning craft vodkas. Founded by a father-son team, IslandJon Vodka and their spirits celebrates legacy, heritage, and the soothing warm sun and lush landscapes of the Caribbean.

IslandJon Vodka was founded by Levi and Kevin John. Hailing from the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, Levi has spent his life on stage and traveling the world as a musician. In his decades of island living and world travel, Levi learned that there is nothing more important than embracing unforgettable moments. It’s this attitude that IslandJon Vodka is distilling their award-winning craft vodkas.

The Process

6X Distilled, 8X Charcoal and Micro-Coconut Husk filtration. Rested up to 30 days for perfection.


A mix of the finest American made yellow and white sweet corn.


Very clean floral, soft medium palate, balanced, melon salad with a hint of sweetness.


Vanilla undertones creamy sweet corn, hints of white peppercorn, velvety rich finish, elegant on the rocks.

IslandJon Vodka

Atlanta, GA

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